Fear Makes Us Tired – Laying Down Rocks, PT. 2

Jul 10, 2021 | Soul Care

A small child is lugging a heavy backpack while trying to carry her beloved stuffed animal. This child is trying her best. Her father looks down and says, “Look at you – you are so strong! That’s a lot, let me help. I’ll carry that for you.”

What does she say?

Does she insist on carrying everything? Does she question his motives?

Imagine you are that child – what is your response? Will you let your father help you? Do you trust that he will do this for you?

Perhaps you have been let down before when you needed help with all that you were carrying, and now you are afraid to trust.

If you have allowed fear to cause you to keep your rocks, you may find yourself weary from their weight.

What if, despite your earthly experiences, you decide you will begin to risk allowing God to help you?

Those rocks have been taking up room in your soul. And when they are removed you will discover there is now space for other things – joy, contentment, peace.

Even in the midst of your circumstances, you will have less weight to carry.

It becomes possible to access joy because now there is room in your soul where the rocks used to be taking up space.

God will not leave your 8 year old self alone carrying her rocks. He respects you and waits for you to decide if you’re ready to hand them over.

He will help you with the fear and other feelings; and will patiently teach you how to hand one over at a time – slowly and safely, as you are ready.

This will help you as a parent. You may be tired in your present for many reasons – but if some of that is because you are carrying rocks from your past, that can change.

Parental burnout is often a combination of past and present. Rocks were passed on to you.
It takes courage to choose to begin to heal, so as not to pass those same rocks along to the next generation.

Be assured, no one is courageous without fear mixed in. Courage and fear are not exclusive.

In order to be courageous, fear is required.

Today, imagine yourself without your rocks. What would you be like? How might you feel? What would be different about you? What would be different around you?

Do you want that for your life?

If so, remember, God will not leave you in an unfinished state. If you are ready, ask him to help you.

His answer is already, “Yes.”

“Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” Deut. 31:6



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